Bethesda Chapel
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Then the master said to the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges and, compel them to come in that my house may be filled.
Luke 14:23

What Can I Expect?

Sometimes going to a new place can be an off-putting experience. Be assured, the first thing you will find is a warm welcome and Biblical teaching concerning the Christian faith along with reverent worship of God.

A GOD to worship and serve.
A SAVIOUR to know and love.
A FAITH by which to live by.
A HOPE for life to come.

But most of all, when people come to Bethesda the greatest of all blessings is that many have found the one who is the pearl of great price, the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is both God and man in one person and who is both our Lord and Saviour the one, and only one, who is the answer to the greatest need of the human soul.

A Man there is, a real man,
Who once on Calvary died.
His blood for guilty sinners ran
from hands and feet and side.

This wondrous Man, of whom we tell,
Is true Almighty God,
He bought our Souls from death and hell;
The price, His own
Heart's blood.

That human heart he still retains,
Though throned in highest bliss;
and feels each tempted member's pains;
for our affliction's His.

Come then, repenting sinner come;
approach with humble faith,
owe what you will , the total sum
is cancelled by His death!

His blood can cleanse the sin-stained soul,
And wash our guilt away;
He will present us sound and whole
in that tremendous day.

(Joseph Hart 1712-1768)

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