Sunday Services

At 10:15am - Sunday School. (Concludes 16th July)

At 10:30am - Morning Worship (Theme - 'What's in You' )

At 6:00pm - Evening Service (Theme - Nehemiah)  

(A communion service follows the Evening Service on the first Sunday of every month.

Sunday, 23rd July at 10:30am - Civic Week Service

                              6:00pm - Evening Service

                              7:30pm - Community Hymn Singing

    Services led by Minister C P Rees unless otherwise stated).

Prayer Meeting and Bible Study 

Tuesday 10:00 am - Prayer meeting 

Tuesday, 7:00 pm - Bible Study (Sanctification by the Blood)

Women's Fellowship meetings this month:

Wednesdays at 2:00pm

No meetings this month.

Sunday guest speaker(s) this month:

Sunday, 16th July - Morning and Evening Services: Rev. Mervyn Neal

Sunday, 30th July - Morning and Evening Services: Andy Millership

Other Meetings:

Wednesday, 5th July - Church trip to Aberystwyth

Thursday, 6th July - Deacons meeting

Friday, 7th and 21st July - Craft Club

Open air meeting.

First Saturday of the month contact for details.