Jocelyn Fenge

Before I became a Christian I talked to a Christian who told me that he wanted to join a church because he wanted to join with others to worship God. It stayed on my mind because I had for a few months been feeling the same thing, it had planted a seed.

I began looking around for a church and bumped into Angie who gave me a tract that said, “Knock and it shall be opened to you.” I felt a power run through me as I read the words from the Bible and knew I had to go. At Angie’s Church I first heard about Jesus as the Son of God. I felt spilling over with Him. A lady took me in her arms and looked into my eyes and said, “You’re ready to give yourself to Him now, aren’t you.” I nodded which was all I felt capable of doing. As she held me, I had a picture of white robed Angels blowing golden trumpets that was as long as the ground and I gave my heart to Jesus.

A couple of weeks later, I still felt that I wasn’t in the right church, I knew I had given my heart but I didn’t feel ‘saved,’ or have any idea of it, and so I walked into Bethesda Chapel and heard Chris and knew I had found my home with God.

A month down the line I suffered bereavement. I was afraid for my family. On January 10th Andy gave a sermon based on Jeremiah. On the way out, my knees nearly buckled and I was in tears at the message of the sermon to return to God and be saved. Andy helped me and I begged him to know whether I was saved and my family; he said to ask Jesus, which I did then and there. Jesus told me all things were possible with Him and that we were indeed saved, I cried and cried and gave thanks. Thus begun my walk with Jesus. I began a personal relationship with Him and on March 27th I was baptised.

I felt married. I sung to the Lord at home, when I was washing up, making the beds, vacuuming, I prayed to Him and read my Bible every day. I had no money to live on in that first year and yet Jesus just kept answering my prayers. The more I prayed the more He answered. He sent food and paid my bills. When finally I began receiving a small income I prayed to Him one night and said, “Lord I have no food in my cupboards and no food in my freezer and no food in my fridge and a bill is due out of my bank account tomorrow and my money is not due in for another five days, please help.” The next day food began arriving in it’s masses, my cupboard was fall, my freezer was fall and my fridge was fall, I had to give food away and the more I gave away, the more He gave to me. I went to the bank that morning to stop the direct debit from going out and found that my money had gone in and the bill was paid!!

I learnt a good lesson that year, just keep praying to Him and he will act, He will answer your prayer in very mysterious and unexpected ways. Praise Him and act on His will, the more you act the more He acts. Allow Him to act through you, walk in righteousness with Jesus, have absolute faith in Him and grow together. I love my walk with Jesus, it’s so unexpected, it’s so alive. Amen.

Jocelyn Fenge